about us

Deconstructed social surrealism

We call our style deconstructed social surrealism. By that we mean we break down everyday life and represent it in an abstract surrealist manner. We want the observer to recognize themselves, their life, and make their own interpretations in the abstract and chaotic forms that we present.

Our duo is made up of Adam Ward and Louise Hornberg. We have both produced art and participated in the local art and music scene our entire lives. We have had a handful of exhibitions both together and separate, and done various custom ordered works. We have also arranged art exhibitions and music events together. Louise is a trained art teacher and decorator. Adam is a mechanical engineer, electrician, and 3D artist. We connect our different experiences from education and working life in the common art we create. Our culturally different upbringings, Adam from California and Louise from Northern Sweden, are an aspect of the contrast filled dynamics of what we produce.

A large portion of our works are done with technical drawing tools, ink and acrylics. Most of what we produce is created in stressful or uncomfortable environments to harness seldom used energy in our works. We experiment with random objects we find in our surrounding as improvised / homemade stamps and brushes, to incorporate not only the mood in the work but also the objects that set the stage. The chaotic forms that are created during the process are then framed in and lifted out by using obsessive precision and advanced aligned symmetrical geometry.

We also create sculptures where the raw material that we find becomes the focus. Professionally engineered forms, mechanics, lighting, and electronics meet chaos and abstraction. Music is also a big part of our lives and we produce noisy harsh rhythms that we have used to add life to our exhibitions and events.